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“Microgravity is the next frontier.”  The Potential is Limitless.


Unlike lunar bases and Mars colonies which are decades  away, Low Earth Orbit is accessible and ready to be developed now.  LaMont's standardized Life Sciences Platforms located on the International Space Station are available for use. The LaMont team has facilitated more than 30 on-orbit experiments including NSF, NIH, NASA, and ISS National Lab sponsored payloads, and peer reviewed publications.


LaMont continues to develop the tools, technology, regulatory and logistics infrastructure which will further enable the monetization of micro-gravity.  Our current projects are focused on the development of in-space drug discovery & development, bio-manufacturing, bio-fuel development and the support systems which enable the economy in each of these markets.  



LaMont has performed experiments in space onboard the International Space Station as well as other space vehicles for colleges and universities, worldwide leaders in pharmaceutical development, and international companies.  Along with our collaboration partners, we are committed to leveraging the space environment to improve life on earth.



1100 NASA Parkway, Suite 420D

Houston, TX  77058

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