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LaMont is a microgravity commerce creation company.  The company was founded by former NASA engineers and Life Science researchers to ignite a market that has tremendous economic potential. The LaMont team has developed a disruptive concept and associated technology for exploiting microgravity  for the production of monetizable results.

Craig Walton
Chief Executive Officer

Craig  has more than 24 years of  executive leadership and space operations experience with  NASA and in groundbreaking private sector space technology  companies. A member of the  founding team at Nanoracks,  Co-Founder and CEO of  STaARS, Inc., and Founder and  current CEO of LaMont  Aerospace.

Shaun FitzPatrick
Chief Strategy Officer

Shaun served more than two decades  as a U.S. Marine Corps Officer. Former Deputy Commander of the Chem/Bio Incident Response Force. Founding member of the USMC Information Operations program. Cannon, rocket, and missile expert. Awarded the Bronze  Star for combat actions in Fallujah, Iraq.

BreAnne MacKenzie, PhD
Chief Science Officer

BreAnne is  a preeminent molecular biologist  with experience  in microgravity life science  research and the design of clinical trials. She excels in leading  large and small cross-functional  technical teams and translational  collaborations and specializes in  the clinical research development, therapeutic discovery and  marketing of new compounds.

Doug Wilson
Chief Technical Officer

Doug  offers expertise in all aspects of  space operations and astronautics with more than two  decades of operational experience at NASA Mission  Control and several private space operations firms. He has  participated in the orbital  design, launch, and operational  control of more than 100  Satellites.

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