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L-1 Privateer Re-entry Orbiter

The L-1 is based on the X-38 design  which was flight tested by NASA in the late 1990s. LaMont has  entered into a Technology Transfer Agreement with  NASA and is presently modifying the  design for commercial use.  The L-1  spacecraft will host an entire ecosystem of  commercial industries and cutting edge scientific research tools. L-1 will host in-space production activities that will launch and  return on a routine, predictable schedule.


The ScienceTaxi is offered in partnership with Yuri GmbH within the LSA national LuxImpulse program and implemented through ESA. ScienceTaxi provides Ascent/Orbit and Entry real-time temperature monitoring and control. ScienceTaxi also provides real-time experiment command & control through all phases of flight, as well as a variable-G centifuge.

Core Lab.jpg
LaMont Core Lab

The LaMont Core-Lab enables industry standard protocols for life-science experiments while on-orbit.  The CORE-Lab can be hosted both inside or outside of the International Space Station, and provides complete fully automated workflow to orbit.  The Core Lab is available in variable sizes in order to accommodate variable size culture chambers and a large number of replicates.

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